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Online Store for products made with love

I was going through the feeds of my friends on Facebook and I was amazed by the quality of posts by a talented lot. This passionate bunch had something that could take them miles ahead. But only if it reached the right audience. There were quality paintings, handmade craft, jewellery and photographs. Why should they be satisfied with a few likes and comments? Why can’t they say ‘hey, if you like it, you can actually buy it’?

I understand sometimes these things are not meant to be sold. But there is no harm in having an option. Paypassion online store could be that option. Yes. If you feel whatever you created could earn you some money, you can have it displayed on Paypassion online store. It doesn’t really matter if it gets sold or not. You have made it with love and you could keep it with you forever anyways.

However, if you have produced an album or published a book, then Paypassion can be your online shop. Instead of going through difficult process of listing a CD or a book on well-known platforms, you can have a single online outlet- Paypassion online store. Books published in regional languages have a limited readership. Similarly, a Konkani music album would attract only those who speak or understand the language. This is one of the reasons to opt Paypassion online store as it supports regional producers and provides door delivery service in India.


Jaison Sequeira